Benjamin Seymour, CADC, CTP1, BRI-II CEO Southworth Int'l.

Personal Statement
Benjamin Seymour is a nationally recognized interventionist, counselor, author and public speaker. He has served as the founder and CEO of several successful treatment centers, and is well versed in co-occurring disorders, recovery outcomes, treating professionals and the field of addiction treatment. With 18 years of experience in counseling and interventions, Ben brings a diverse background and perspective those he serves. He has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, on television, and throughout various media venues, to share his experience as an addiction professional. Prior to his passing, John Southworth asked Ben to serve as his successor, and continue the mission of Southworth Associates International. In addition to being the Director at Southworth International, Ben is the program coordinator for the Physicians Recovery Network, Program for Recovering Nurses, Pharmacist and Lawyer Diversion Programs in the State of Idaho. Ben is a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor, Certified Trauma Professional 1 and a Board Registered Interventionist Level-II.

Professional Licenses and Certifications
Benjamin is a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor (CADC) Certified Trauma Professional (CTP1), as well as a past Board Registered Interventionist (BRI-II).


Public Speaking